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Things I am tired of explaining to people and will not give “nice patient” answers for:

Can vegans swallow?

Are vegans against breastfeeding?

What about plant sentience? That banana u ate has feefees

Having companion animals is the same thing as a zoo!

YOU CAN’T GET [nutrient that is easily found in plants] FROM PLANTS!!!

Carnists saying “live and let live”

Any comparison between humans and lions

Any completely unlikely hypothetical situation in which a vegan might have to use an animal product to survive

And any other illogical question I have been asked a million and one fucking times. If you cannot find an answer to your question after thinking about it logically and doing your own research, then I will answer it. But I’m not going to be mommy and coddle every damn person who wants to know why a fucking banana doesn’t have feelings or why breastfeeding your own baby isn’t animal exploitation. Fuck’s sake.

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  • beach goer: SHARK!!!
  • lifeguard: lol noob it's probably a sunfish lmao
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大家你好!!! check out my new tattoo!! it means “harmony” in english!!! I can’t wait to start showing white people my tattoo and asking them if they can understand it!!! TFW YOLO! (That’s what they say right?)

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Davey Novak of A.F.I. #CarnivoresTour #AFI #DaveyNovak #30SecondstoMars #LinkinPark #concert #JonesBeach


davey anthony novak

i am cry

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